Uganda’s Covid-19 cases rise to 56 after refugee tests positive

Coronavirus outbreak

Uganda's confirmed coronavirus cases have risen to 56 after another person tested positive on Monday.

The latest case is of a 46-year-old Burundian refugee who entered the country through Tanzania .

“Today, 1177 samples were tested and one tested positive.  The new case of the Burundian refugee was quarantined in Rakai district,” the Health Ministry said in a tweet on Monday evening.

The development comes only hours after the Health Ministry discharged nine more Covid-19 patients to make it 37 people who have been cured of the deadly virus in Uganda.

“A patient is only discharged after testing negative twice so that the healthy workers can be sure that he/she is completely free of the Coronavirus. Families and communities have to also be prepared to receive them (the patients) and psychological team goes down to talk to them,” the Health Ministry spokesperson, Emmanuel Ainebyoona said.

This means, at 38, Uganda’s recovery cases have surpassed the active cases that are now 18.

The Health Minister, Dr.Ruth Aceng on Saturday said the lockdown had done a great in reducing pressure on the country’s health system.

“The lockdown reduced pressure on the surveillance system and the health system by keeping the numbers low because the country must maintain the low numbers and low rates of infection,” Minister Aceng said during her address to the nation on Saturday.

According to the Minister,  had not been for the lockdown, the situation would have gone out of hand and there would be many cases and possible deaths in the country, as it is in many countries including the US, Italy and Spain among others.

“When the numbers of exposed and infected individuals grow so fast, the stress on the system is huge and the system cannot hope with it,” Aceng said.


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