Covid-19 relief donations to government reach shs4bn

Coronavirus outbreak

The relief donations by individuals, companies and other entities to government have reached a staggering shs4 billion President Museveni has said.

Last month, the president asked businessmen and other entities to contribute to the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, Museveni read a list of some of the companies, individuals and organisations that have contributed to the fight against the deadly pandemic that he said donations have reached shs3.2 billion.

“There are people who have donated money, cars and other things. Top on the list is the Kabaka of Buganda who contributed shs 100 million and almost 3 tonnes of maize flour. In total, we have so far collected 31 vehicles, shs3.2 billion and $343, 000(shs1.2bn),”Museveni said.

“I thank you so much for the contributions.”

The president said that government will use the money to buy vehicles for the Ministry of Health so that each district has at least 10 vehicles that can be oiled and kept to be used in case of any other pandemic so that there is no need to buy new ones.

Speaking about food relief, the president insisted that it will go to only those affected by the lockdown and not everyone who wants it.

He cited an example of people living in upcountry areas that he said were not greatly affected by the lockdown because they can continue with their farming activities uninterrupted unlike those in Kampala and Wakiso who exist hand to mouth.

“This food support is for, mainly, the urban groups that were depending on daily earnings from the different activities that were suspended in this fight against the virus,” he said.

“The qualifications for these food grants are two: you were depending on a daily earning that was suspended by the Government anti-corona measures; and you do not grow your own food. Therefore, those that do not fall in these categories, should not clamor for food grants.”

The Minister in charge of General Duties, Mary Karooro Okurut who is in charge of the task force mobilizing and collecting donations said more is coming.




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