Pallisa: Authorities order road firm to encamp its workers over Covid-19 fears

David Ochieng 

The Pallisa district Covid -19 task force has directed Arab Contractors, the firm that us reconstructing the Tirinyi - Pallisa road to set up a camp for its workers or else it shuts down its operations for a while.

This comes as the company continues with its operations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic while its workers have no specific camp, something the district task force says poses a risk to the locals.

With road set to be completed in March 2021, the contractor has kept employees on site despite the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Pallisa district COVID-19 task force says leaving workers to move freely posses a big risk to the locals in the district.

The task force summoned the UNRA officials currently overseeing the road construction to explain why the company is not complying with president's directives of keeping workers in one place.

Ronald Olaki, the UNRA resident engineer said all measures have been put in place to combat the virus apart from encamping their workers, something the task force claims is not enough.

The task force has now given the contractor one day to set up a camp where their workers will be expected to reside short of this, their operations will be halted.


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