Health workers threaten to abandon work over torture by security personnel enforcing curfews

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Health workers have threatened to abandon working after accusing security agencies of torturing them while enforcing President Museveni’s directive on curfew.

President Museveni early this week announced that there will be a 14 day curfew between 7pm and 6:30am and this would be enforced by security.

In a statement released on Friday, the Uganda Medical Association said they had received complaints from several medical workers reporting torture by security personnel.

“Over the past one week, we have recorded several incidents of torture of frontline soldiers in this pandemic with several arrests an even battering of several health workers. This is unacceptable and repugnant,” said Uganda Medical Association Secretary General, .Dr.Mukuzi Muhereza.

The doctors body also says despite imposing a curfew, government has failed to secure movement stickers to medical workers even after regarding them as some of providers of the essential services required during this period.

“We have been tossed around and attended numerous meetings that seem not to end or have a way forward for this.”

According to the Uganda Medical Association Secretary General, on many occasions, Resident District Commissioners have asked members of the body to pay atleast shs20,000 to be given movement stickers.

“We are calling upon government to enable health workers reach patients in any way possible because we have identity cards and practicing certificates.  If this torture and other hindrances continue, we will have no option other than requesting members to stay away from all health facilities,” Dr.Mukuzi said.

This week, there have been a number of reports by medical personnel, especially on social media accusing security personnel of torture at night.

On April, 1, an intern doctor in Mbale Regional Referral Hospital was allegedly beaten while  leaving the theatre where he was performing a caesarian section at the hospital.

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