Mirundi to Bobi Wine and brother: People in serious struggle have no time for weddings (Video)

Presidential advisor on media issues and former presidential press secretary has ridiculed people power’s Bobi Wine and his brother Fred Nyanzi alias Chairman Nyanzi for sparing time to organize a wedding for the latter and even accept a Shs4m pledge from a staunch NRM mobiliser Charles Olim alias Sipapa.

On Friday last week, Fred Nyanzi organized a wedding launch in preparations to walk his long time love down the aisle.

The launch attracted the likes of people power founder Bobi Wine, Kampala Lord Mayor hopeful Josep Mayanja alias Chameleone among other politicians hobnobbing with Bobi Wine and People Power.

The highlight of the wedding, however, was a Shs4m cash pledge which was fulfilled by sworn NRM mobiliser Sipapa, who attended the wedding fully clad in a yellow overalls emblazoned with pictures of President Museveni.

Now motor-mouthed Mirundi claims Bobi Wine and his brother Nyanzi should be embarrassed by the claim that they are in any form of struggle to unseat Museveni if at all they can afford to hold weddings.

“You can not be in a struggle and you still have time for weddings. What crown will you wear? Maybe the wedding crown. People do not even attend burials when they are in a struggle,” Mirundi claimed.

Mirundi claims that even the Shs4m that Sipapa gave Nyanzi for his wedding is State House money and the fact that Nyanzi accepted the money is proof enough that the struggle has lost its meaning.

“They have eaten gnuts in this struggle. The two don’t reflect the struggle, so what will happen when Museveni contributes Shs10m to the same wedding?” he posed.

“If you have someone you want to unseat and you have time to throw a wedding and be merry, then you are lying to yourselves. If you are fighting a dictator as you claim, where do you get time to get into weddings? It is a mistake and they should not do more weddings,” Mirundi claimed.






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