Police told to employ psychologists to help them handle stress

Psychologists gave asked police authorities to consider having a professional counselor at every police station to help officers who undergo a lot of stress, which is very dangerous to society.

Psychologists want officers to get counseling services at their disposal, and routine check ups to ascertain their level of mental health.

Several human rights reports have pinned police as being the leading human rights abusers in the country.

Psychologists say this could be as a result of mental illness which is brought about by stress.

Psychologists have therefore asked the police authority to consider employing a professional counselor at every police station.

This was during a psychological check up of traffic police officers from Kampala Metropolitan Police area which was conducted by experts from Makerere University.

Professor Edward Bantu of Makerere School of Psychology said they had carried out the same exercise in the UPDF.

Within the police, they started with officers from the Fire and rescue services directorate, VIP Protection Unit, Field Force Unit and the traffic police.

The welfare unit at police headquarters is under staffed with one qualified counselor which leaves a bigger gap to fill and officers are referred to outsiders where they are required to pay a fee.

Work and family related problems like child neglect and abuse, domestic violence, drug abuse are some of the most commonly reported cases in the welfare department.

From Kampala Metropolitan Area the exercise will be extended to other districts.

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