Batwa enjoy Christmas in style, thanks to Change a Life Bwindi

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The Batwa community also had a chance to celebrate Christmas in style after being treated to a special fete by Change Change a Life Bwindi, a Non -Government Organization.

A special party was organized on Christmas day for the marginalized community to enjoy.

According to Christine Katushabe, the organization’s Community sustainable manager, they thought of doing something extraordinary for the Batwa so as they can as well enjoy the birth of Jesus Christ.

“It’s something I decided to do since they had never gotten to come together and celebrate Christmas,”Katushabe said.

“It was fun for them as they danced and celebrated.”

Tina Katushabe joins the Batwa in cake cutting.

According to history, the Batwa are the original people of the forest who were the first inhabitants of the rain forests of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi and are among the oldest tribes in Africa.

All was good for the group living on the Ugandan side not until 1991 when the Mgahinga and Bwindi national parks were established for the protection of forests, wildlife and mountain gorillas.

This meant that the Batwa, who had lived for over 50000 years in the tropical rain forest had to be evicted from their home and resettled to nearby areas and among them is Ruhija.

In 2014, Change a life Bwindi, a Non -Government Organization was formed specifically to offer a lifeline to the marginalized Batwa people in the Bwindi area.




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