Mirundi to Bobi: Whoever abuses Museveni will not take power (VIDEO)

Presidential advisor on media issues and former presidential press secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said that whoever intends to take power from President Museveni will have to do so in an orderly way by massaging him out of power.

Mirundi made the statements while appearing on NBS television during the one on one show what airs every Tuesday.

According to Mirundi, Bobi Wine has the youth support, but by starting to abuse president Museveni through songs, he stands no chance at unseating the 3-decade regime.

“Museveni has beaten every person who has stood against him, now Bobi Wine has come with youth and made one mistake by abusing Museveni. Whoever abuses Museveni will not take power,” Mirundi said.

“Whoever expects to take power in this country will take it from Museveni in an orderly way, by massaging him out of power. The reason we have the likes of Ssekandi (Edward) as Vice President is that Museveni still wants the power that much,” Mirundi added.

When asked to highlight where Bobi Wine has abused President Museveni, Mirundi cited the singer's previous songs saying: "The president listens to these songs, I don't think Bobi Wine is aware."


Mirundi also ruled out a violent overthrow of the current regime, urging that the regime would be overthrown by veterans but they have no capacity.

“Politics is not for poor people. If you have no money you can nor propel yourself into power. Those Museveni came with to power, he has kept them in the army and retired them while poor. In fact, they depend on him for handouts, those can’t overthrow him,” Mirundi claimed.

He said gave an example of Zimbabwe and Kenya where veterans had some capacity since they had amassed some wealth, unlike Uganda.







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