Magistrate says oil discovery fuels human rights abuses in Hoima

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The Hoima Chief Magistrate Moses Kagoda Ntende has decried the rate at which oil projects are triggering human Rights violations in Hoima Magisterial area.

Speaking during a meeting on human rights at Kikuube district headquarters, Kagoda said most of the cases in Hoima Magisterial Area are related to the oil discovery.

He noted that cases like land grabbing are most predominant as residents strategically position themselves in areas where they hope to reap huge oil compensation.

"Families are getting involved in disputes fighting for that money they are receiving out of compensation. Some people are claiming land which is not theirs because they suspect that money is going to come out of that,"he said.

He noted that children’s rights are being abused whereby some of them are made to over work.

"Cutting sugarcane and doing all these works and they are dropping out of school ,there are land conflicts that are merging because of these compensations ,the rich and the speculators are grabbing land from people,"he noted.

Hope Bagota, a human rights officer for Western Uganda said they have realised there is forced and early marriages in the area.

"Children are dropping out of school. As Uganda Human Rights Commission we shall come up with ways to solve these problems and sensitize the parents and the children about their rights,"she said.

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