Bishop Kibuuka hosts African Evangelical Orthodox Church synod

The leader of the Mamre Prayer Centre in Namugongo, Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka has hosted fellow Bishops from the Evangelical Orthodox Church(EOC)  for a four-day meeting.

Speaking at the opening function of the meeting on Tuesday afternoon, Kibuuka said the gathering will help them forge ways of taking forward the temple of God amidst the ever-growing challenges.

“Such synods will be sitting every year to help compare notes and find ways to move the church to another level. These auxiliary synods shall help evaluate on how far we have gone with the work of God,”Kibuuka said.

He explained that high on agenda during the meeting will be finding solutions to the concerns by members of the church in the fast-growing region.

According to Kibuuka, religious intolerance is one of the key challenges facing many churches throughout the world but said they would be forging ways of dealing with the issue at the meeting.

“Finance, lack of infrastructure, sustainability and evangelism to the youth are some of the other challenges that are to be discussed if this church is to stay strong.”

kibuuka also asked government to support the Evangelical Orthodox Church the way it does with the traditional churches.

The first-ever Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC) Auxiliary synod hosted in Kampala will be held under the theme “ EOC growth in Africa, the concerns, challenges and sensitive church mission in Africa” and will run from December 3 to 7 at the Mamre Prayer Centre in Namugongo.

Kibuuka was consecrated in 2017 to become the newest Evangelical Orthodox Catholic (EOC) Bishop in the history of this Church in Uganda a move that was condemned and protested by the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda.

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