Meaty affair at the East African Meat Carnival

It was a meaty and Tusker Lite affair as food lovers flocked the Najjera Gardens for yet another East Africa Meat Carnival.

Senior Chef, Mark Kaheru, the host of the fast growing fiesta treated the carnival revellers to all meaty delicacies from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and our very own Ugandan signature recipes.

The November edition had the revellers buying the food platters in big numbers accompanied with the refreshing and soothing Tusker Lite beer.

“Today the turn up has really been good and people are really buying meat. Next year, I hope to host a grand East African Meat Carnival at a bigger venue,” said Kaheru

It was indeed an early Christmas for carnival diehards as Tusker Lite offered pocket friendly prices to accompany the deliciously prepared food from the Kaheru Kitchen.

"It’s been six months of Tusker Lite sponsoring the East African Meat Carnival and as a team we are really happy. I must say it’s been a good year for us and we can’t wait to be on board next year,” said Phillipa Nantamu, the Tusker Lite representative.

Spin doctor Dj Mun kept the house on its toes as he took the revellers down the memory lane with their all-time favourites that left the merrymakers pulling off their legendary dance strokes.

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