Sudanese protests demand answers over June crackdown deaths

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Dozens of Sudanese are protesting in an eastern city demanding the disbanding of Sudan's former ruling party that underpinned President Omar al-Bashir's three decades in power.

The protest Sunday in the city of Wad Madani, the provincial capital of al-Jazirah province, was called by a local group linked with the Sudanese Professionals' Association.

The SPA spearheaded countrywide demonstrations that toppled al-Bashir in April and led to a power-sharing agreement between military and civilian leaders. Under that deal, appointing civilian governors won't happen until peace with the county's rebel groups is achieved.

Footage circulated online showing the protesters, mostly youth, waving Sudanese flags and calling for the resignation of the local governor whom al-Bashir appointed.

The SPA has repeatedly called for appointing civilian regional governors, and dissolving al-Bashir's National Congress party.

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