Age-limit report: Opposition claims NRM MPs paid Shs 300 million

The Opposition chief whip, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, has claimed that NRM MPs have been paid Shs 300 million to endorse a report that supports the lifting of the presidential age-limit.

Speaking to journalists at parliament yesterday, Ssemujju said members on the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee who drafted the report had been handed Shs 300 million on the instructions of President Museveni.

"They were paid money. I know that. Each was given Shs 300 million to endorse the report. They were promised more if they vote in favour of lifting the presidential age-limit," Ssemujju said.

In addition, Ssemujju said the MPs also agreed to a proposal to extend their tenure and that of the president from five to seven years.

There were unconfirmed reports that this money had divided NRM MPs, particularly those who are not on the committee and the disagreement had caused the delay in tabling the report.

Sources have told us that all MPs (irrespective of political party affiliation), who vote in favour of lifting the presidential age-limit will be "given something hefty."

In fact the NRM leadership, has been engaging some indebted opposition MPs to embrace this opportunity.

But Ruth Nankabirwa, the Government Whip, brushed aside the allegations saying the only money she knows that was given to MPs in relation to the age-limit bill is the Shs 29 million for consultation.

"That is the only money I know because I was involved in lobbying for it. The money (Shs 300 million) they are talking about is not there," she told journalists yesterday.

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