Police investigating sauna explosion in Naalya

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Police in Naalya is investigating circumstances under which Marcos Gym and Spa on the Naalya Namugongo road in Kira exploded on Sunday evening, leaving five people with injuries.

Eye witnesses accounts that have talked to the Nile Post said that the gym exploded at around 5:30pm. Police responded with cordoning off the scene with Counter Terrorism experts who were called immediately and made an initial assessment to confirm the explosion.

Preliminary post blast intervention revealed that the explosion was due to excess heat inside the sealed metallic device.

While addressing the press, Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the incident and said that five people had been injured. He said that the victims were all employees of the Spa as there was no customers at the time of the blast.

Onyango however added that they believe that this was an accident and not an intention to harm anyone. Police will however investigate the matter to make a final report.

"No serious injuries were registered. There is no bad intentions observed so far and the explosion is suspected to be as a result of an accident," Onyango told the press.

Immediate houses within the vicinity of where the accident happened were damaged in the process.

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