Those opposing age limit tortured- Uganda Law Society

The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has set up the anti torture cluster to deal with the perpetrators who torture citizens. This follows the fracas that occurred in the August house on 27th September over the Age limit Bill that was tabled by Igara West legislator Raphael Magyezi.

During the release of 4th annual report on the state of the rule of law, the ULS raised legal issues of whether the right to assembly was violated as a result of the discriminate manner of applying rule of law.

"We still have a lot of work to eliminate impunity and lawlessness,” Francis Gimara president ULS, said.

The quarterly report complied from October to December 2017 indicates that there were continued cases of torture on the side of the members of parliament who were opposed to the Age limit amendment.

The ULS recommends a thorough investigation into the brutality on those who were tortured during the age limit consultations and also urged the police to ensure quality before the law during this moment when there is tension of the age limit debate.

“The police must desist from discrimination during their operations,” Gimara said.

The report cites upsurge of illegality cases that led to several human rights violations in the aftermath of the tabling the amendment of article 102(b) of the constitution.

Gimara says the Uganda Law society has resolved to institute proceedings against the individuals who performed acts of torture


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