‘Sadam Hussein’ drags Sadolin Paints to court for using his photo without his consent

A man has dragged Sadolin Paint Company to court for using his photo on their products without his consent.

Identifying himself as Sadam Hussein, the man according to court documents was in July called by colleagues to inform him that his photograph was appearing on Sadolin paint advertisement posters, a thing he says he was not aware of.

“After the numerous calls, the plaintiff went to one of the paint dealership centres at Seroma hardware in Kansanga and at Ntinda Color Centre where he indeed found his photograph appearing on a poster advertising Sadolin paint and himself therein as a painter, something that caused him discomfort,” the court documents read.

According to court documents, Sadam Hussein’s efforts to reach out to the paint company to express his discomfort for using his photo as a painter on their products without his consent fell on deaf ears.

It is also alleged that on proceeding to the said centres at Seroma hardware and Ntinda color centre proved futile as he was told to address his concerns to the paint manufacturers.

He says it is illegal for Sadolin Paint Company to derive benefit from use of his photograph in an advertising campaign he is not aware of.

“By appearing as a painter in the poster as his photograph is used by the defendant, his reputation was dented as his people and friends known to him in the business circles depicted the poster as a derogatory innuendo, got shunned and his businesses have been gravely affected ever after appearing in the said Sadolin advertisement,” the court documents show.


Sadam Hussein now wants the paint company to compensate him to a tune of shs350 million as damages for causing him anguish, torture, economic loss and grave inconvenience as it extended to his family.

The businessman also wants court to order Sadolin Paints to remove his photograph from their posters and any other form of advertisements where he appears to be a painter.

The Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala has given Sadolin Paint Company 14 days to respond to the claims.

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