Patience Rwabwogo: "We run a normal church, all types of people are welcome"


One would imagine that being a First Daughter, Patience Rwabwogo lives a very high end life and that only the top of society can dream of and have access to Covenant Nations Church where she is a lead pastor. But is this the case? She spoke to NBS Television and now Jonah Kirabo writes.

First of all, people think that this is a very high end church with only people with a certain class, is this true?

I don't know where the perception comes from but that's far from the truth. The church is for all people and there is no class here. 

Patience Rwabwogo hugs the Uncut host

You could have been a lot of things, Why Covenant Nations Church and how did you know that you wanted to be a pastor?

That's something that people ask me a lot. It's not a thing I planned but it's a call. If you walk with God you have to surrender to Him and that's what happened to me about 13 years ago. I got a call and I obeyed. I never thought I will be here as well. 

Patience Rwabwogo explains her calling

Is it like any other normal church, take us through your programmes? 

Yes, I believe we are like any other church. We don't compare but we have a Sunday service, Thursday alter, children services, youth services and we work with our pastors around the area.

How is it when you're preaching, do people interact freely with you or there is that fear that you're a first daughter?

People should come and see that we're a very regular church. When I am on the pulpit, I am a messenger and there is nothing else. I don't perceive myself to be anything else although its true that I belong to a family and I have a background but when I am here, I am a messenger of God.

Do you face any challenges as a pastor because of your family background?

I don't see myself like that. I see myself as Patience Rwabwogo and I have a family background that I come from but serving is a journey of faith and that gives me a purpose and a sense of fulfilment.

There is a lot that is happening in religious circles, pastors divorcing, Muslims fighting among themselves, what is your comment about that?

I think that each person whether they're a minister or just a believer should walk their journey with God and also be accountable to each other. We should submit ourselves and live with God first then everything will be easy. I don't want to go into details of that but that's the basic comment I could say.

You have an influential dad, any lessons that you  remember learning from him?

They raised us on a strong foundation of faith. They helped us a lot and whereas everyone has taken a different path now we all have that foundation. Only God knows each and everyone's calling but we go with that foundation wherever we go.

How do you balance being a pastor and wife?

It's not easy because my background is business. I am a business person as well and coming into ministry also takes a lot of time so you need a lot of grace to keep a balance because family should come first. Family is a priority to me and I try to strike a balance.

Tell us about your journey of salvation

It was a personal thing. I gave my life to God when I was 11 years and it has been amazing. When you walk with God, He is your counsel and everything. He is my campus and I don't know what I will be without Him.

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