Makerere student Ssuubi denies he has become a party animal (VIDEO)


First year Makerere student Henry Ssuubi Kiyimba who earned instant fame from a viral photo has dismissed concerns that he taken to a party lifestyle instead of academics.

Ssuubi shot to fame in early August an article in the campus bee went viral showing the freshman fetching his metallic box and a big plastic bag tagged to famous actor Nkem Owoh of Nigerian Movie Usofia in London.

The freshman would later become a subject of debate with many claiming that those putting him in limelight for the wrong reasons are only injuring his self-esteem.

Spontaneously, several generous Ugandans on twitter responded by gifting the “fresher” with what they considered necessities to start his Makerere University campus life. This included receiving full sponsorship to study his dream course of mechanical engineering.

Now another video has surfaced that depicts Ssuubi dancing in what seems to be a nightclub atmosphere. But Ssuubi has come out to clear the air and deny that his fame has distracted him from acquiring an education.

Ssuubi explained that he was attending a party organised by University Hall, his residence for the tenure of his tertiary education, called porridge night. The night is supposed to be an initiation into campus life for Makerere students affiliated to the hall of residence. 

In a wide ranging interview with NBS TV’s Uncut, Ssuubi said he remains open minded and ready to interact with whoever approaches him. However, this does not mean that he will allow these interactions to stop him from attaining his degree.

One of Ssuubi’s first benefactors, BBC reporter Alan Kasujja had cautioned him to focus on his academics instead of the party lifestyle.

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