IGG petitioned to investigate Rukutana, Muhakanizi ‘suspicious' wealth in latest UTL saga manifestation


The Uganda Telecom saga has continued to rage with the latest battlefield being the office of the Inspector General of Government.

In the latest battle, a man has petitioned the Inspectorate of Government to commence investigations into the illicit wealth amassed by the Attorney General William Byaruhanga, his deputy Mwesigwa Rukutana and Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary Keith Muhakanizi.

In a letter dated July 19, one Davidson Ssemwanga says the above mentioned public officials have amassed a lot of wealth that should be suspect to investigation on how they acquired it.

“For example, Rukutana owns five arcades, six storied apartments in Zzana and two houses in Kololo. Keith Muhakanizi owns five-storied apartments in Bukoto, four in Naguru and three houses in Germany where he was staying as he got treatment recently and two others in Mbarara,”Ssemwanga says in his petition.

“Muhakanizi also owns in total 50 square miles of land . William Byaruhanga has bought land in front of his Rwenzori buildings.”

Enter UTL

The battle over the Uganda Telecom Limited audit has continued to manifest itself and  according to the latest letter, the IGG has been asked to investigate the interest of the three government officials in the matter.

In the letter, Ssemwanga says it is surprising as to why the three government officials have been fighting hard to ensure the UTL audit does not happen, a thing he says needs to be investigated.


“What has been bothering me and other Ugandans is why public officials would be disagreeing to an audit. The only logic is that they are hiding something. These people have been at the centre of most liquidated assets in their lifetime of public service,” Ssemwanga says in his letter to the IGG.

An anonymous whistleblower recently wrote to the IGG asking for investigations into Anite's recent "secret" trip to Mauritius.


Following a July 16 directive by President Museveni to Anite asking her to cause an audit into UTL to enable government confirm or clear the allegations about the mess at the telecom company, there was standoff whether to audit or not between the Minister of State for Privatisation and Investment Evelyn Anite on side and the Attorney General’s office and Muhakanizi on the other side.

However, last month, court gave a green light to the Uganda Telecom Limited audit.

“It is hereby ordered that an audit be carried out on Uganda Telecom Limited in administration by the Auditor General within a period of thirty days from the date of this order,” Justice Musa Ssekaana ruled.

The court also directed that the audit report be given to all the Uganda Telecom creditors.

Minister Anite on Monday claimed that “mafias” opposed to the UTL audit have hatched plans to kill her.

“A cabal of thugs in government is plotting to kill me. They have held meetings in various places in Kampala. They have recruited people to trail me. They have got printouts of my telephone conversations. When I die, there should be no postmortem,”Anite told journalists.

“These are not mere allegations. Mafias are not jokers but I will die shouting until they take me down. My point is saving UTL.”

Anite however never mentioned any of the mafias she claims are behind the plot to finish her off.

Uganda Telecom Limited was in May 2017 put under administration after Libyans, who owned 69% of the shares left at a time when the company had an Shs700b debt.

Early this year, government kicked out Teleology Holdings Limited from Nigeria for failure to pay Shs268 billion within three months of being awarded the UTL deal as had been agreed by both parties.

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