Six arrested for ‘throwing bottle’ at court magistrate during Stella Nyanzi sentencing

Police have confirmed the arrest of at least six people suspected to have thrown a bottle at grade one Magistrate Glady’s Kamansanyu and caused chaos in court during the sentencing of Makerere University researcher and social media critic, Stella Nyanzi.

There was chaos in court yesterday (Friday) when Kamasanyu sentenced Nyanzi to 18 months in jail for computer misuse in a case in which she was accused of harassing the First Family in a ‘dirty’ poem about President Museveni’s mother, the deceased Esteri Kokundeka.

Nyanzi who was not physically present in court but through video conferencing first started by turning court to cheers when she threw her breasts out of their dress for all to see.

Following conviction, Nyanzi faced a fine of Shs1.4m or jail sentence. However, the magistrate chose a jail sentence citing that a fine would have no impact on an unremorseful Nyanzi.

Her sentence could have riled supporters inside the courtroom, prompting one of them to hurl a mineral water bottle which hit the magistrate's face.

A calm and composed Kamasanyu delivered an 18 months jail sentence as chaos erupted, involving police officers and ardent supporters of Nyanzi clad in blue t-shirts emblazoned with People’s Government.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, confirmed to Nile Post that at least six people had been arrested in connection to the chaos in court.

“We have arrested five men and one woman and we are going to charge them with assault, malicious damage, and contempt of court,” he said.

Those arrested includes; Augustine Ojobile, Abdallah Waiswa, Joel Kabali, Simoni Wanyera, Fatuma Abenabyo, and Moses Katumba.

Calls for penalty

Miriam Kyomugasho, a social media critic of government and manager at Centre for Constitutional Governance condemned the act and called upon authorities to ‘penalise the thug’ who threw a bottle at the magistrate.

“Courts have cameras & let the thug that hit the judge be penalized. You can’t help Stella like that, however much you are aggrieved. We need allies in d struggle.”

Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama called for action from the judiciary on, ‘thugs going to courts and physically attacking its officers on duty.”

“ There should be no sugar-coating this. Some crimes must be nipped in the bud lest they become a malignant tumour.”




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