UNAA EC secretary sacked

The Ugandans in North America Association(UNAA) Board Of Trustees (BOT) has relieved the association’s Electoral Commission secretary of his duties with immediate effect.

The Board chaired by Dr Joseph Buwembo in a letter released Sunday, terminated with immediate effect, the services of Dr Peter Simbi who has been heading the UNAA EC.

“Pursuant to article 5.2 (j) of the UNAA Constitution stipulating that the UNAABOT shall…. suspend or dismiss with cause any member of the Electoral Commission.” the letter reads in part.

“Because of unbecoming and detrimental conduct, the BOT is relieving you of all your responsibilities and membership on the UNAA Electoral Commission (UNAAEC) effective immediately,” the letter continues.

Dr Simbi’s sacking comes against the heels of a recent bickering with the association with members trading accusations for the allegedly fraudulent presidential elections held in September in Miami.

The allegedly controversial elections held during the UNAA convention in Miami, were swept by Monday Atigo who emerged President of the association for the second time. He trounced his competitor and rival, Dr Daniel Kawuma by 23 votes.

However, the UNAA Board of Trustees (UNAABOT) said the elections were a sham and marred by gross irregularities and that the EC tinkered with the voters’ register consequently allowing 110 illegal voters into the system. The Board consequently asked the EC led by Dr Simbi for a repeat of the elections in 90 days and also ordered Mr Atigo to step down from his duties as president with immediate effect.

In reply, Dr Simbi wrote back to the Board stating that a meeting of commissioners summoned voted to hold the elections at the convention in Seattle in September 2018 instead of the 90 days’ grace period that had been suggested the Board of Trustees chaired by Dr Joseph Buwembo.

“After considering the views offered by each commissioner, a motion was moved either to hold elections within 90 days starting from December 17, 2017 or to hold elections at the next UNAA convention in Seattle in September 2018,” Simbi’s statement reads in part.

“Ten commissioners were present when this matter came up for a vote and meeting quorum requirements were met. The results were as follows; Six commissioners voted in favor of Seattle in September 2018, three voted for 90 days whole one commissioner abstained. I would like to let you know that based on this majority vote, the EC expects and plans to conduct the repeat of elections in Seattle in September 2018,” the statement continues.

Mr Atigo followed up the statement with a vow to sack the Board of Trustees’’ members.

The Ugandan oldest diaspora group is no stranger to controversial and internal fights. In 2014, five members of the UNAABOT resigned citing a loss of direction by the association in financial and administrative matters.

Those who resigned include; Dr Sarah Matovu (Georgia), Dr Opiyo Oloya (Ontario), Mr James Serumaga (Boston, Massachusetts), Mr Alexander Zabasajja (New Jersey) and Dr Muniini K. Mulera (Ontario.)

The BOT then accused the president Kwesiga Brian and his clique of financial misappropriation, dishonesty and lack of transparency. The source of the problem emanated from government’s $100,000 (153m) annual contribution towards the association.

Meanwhile the UNAA is not the only association for Ugandans in America, others include; UNAA Causes, Banyakigezi headed by Munini Mulera, Twegaitte International, Buganda Buumu.

Also about ten USA states have organisations for Ugandans including; Chicago, Boston, Colorado, UCOCA, Dallas, Seattle and San Francisco.



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