Fights break out at Kampala Central LDU recruitment as youth struggle to make the cut

Day two of the Local Defence Unit recruitment exercise in Kampala Central has been marred with chaos, as rowdy youth tried to force their way to the recruitment table. The Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) recruitment team was engaged in scuffles to repulse the desperate youth, which some authorities attribute to influence peddling by some officials in government. Only 96 people were selected, despite the over 3000 that turned up for the exercise. 

On day two of the LDU recruitment exercise, and the UPDF took the exercise to Kampala Central, where 96 people would later be selected for training in Kaweweta military training school

The exercise which was calm and organized in the beginning, later turned chaotic as rowdy youth tried to force their way to the recruitment table. 

To the UPDF recruitment team, the chaos was masterminded by some officials of government especially police officers who wanted to influence the process to have their relatives recruited.

Salim Uhuru, the NRM Chairperson Kampala Central, said, “It's unfortunate that officials of government and our own LC1 chairpersons are at the centre of the irregularities in this exercise. They have made the exercise an avenue to make quick money but this compromises security.” 

 The UPDF ended up sending away many on the orders of the recruitment exercise commander Col. Felix Abucha

Felif Abucha said, “I realised that some police officers and some officials of government were engaged in bribery and trying to influence this process that why I sent them away and if they had stayed I was going to arrest them.” 

But this did not stop the rowdy youth from continuing with the chaos and military had to use an iron hand to calm the situation. 

Out of the over 3000 people that turned up for the exercise, 10 females and 86 males were selected.

Tomorrow the exercise continues throughout the other division of Kampala, but will also extend to Masaka where interested persons will gather at Masaka Ssaza grounds for recruitment. 


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