Uganda receives Shs 290 billion from Denmark

Uganda’s dream of attaining middle-income status could be realised following increased funding development partners.

Government last week received a grant of €66 million from the Danish government to support programs that geared towards helping Uganda attain a middle-income status.

As the clock ticks to the year 2020, many Uganda are wondering whether the country will attain a middle-income status as promised by the leadership.

And although several programs have been put in place to achieve this goal, these have not been fully funded.

The Danish government becomes the latest to channel billions of shillings to purposely help Uganda achieve this dream.

The billions will support the judicial sector, financial management and accountability projects as well as democratic governance.

"This is in line with support of the Uganda national development plan," said Matia Kasaija, the minister for Finance and Economic Development.

Part of the funding according the Danish ambassador to Uganda, Mogens Pedersen, will be invested in the agricultural sector to help farmers acquire relevant skills to add value to their produce.

"The value chain and productivity must improve amongst small holder farmer," Pedersen said.

The two governments have also signed a bilateral agreement, calling for the implementation of climate change resilience in Northern Uganda $35 million has been earmarked for this initiative that also aims at

providing locals with clean water.

"One of the biggest problems affecting Northern Uganda is access to clean water and with these funds the problem will be solved," Pedersen said.


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