Sironko teachers trek 10km daily

Some teachers  from Bukinyale  Primary School  in Masaba  sub county, Sironko district  trek 10  kilometres daily to work due to  lack  of  accommodation at the school.

Bukinyale Primary school  has an  enrolment  of  979 pupils with a total of 14 teachers.

Mohammed  Sitna,  the  school head teacher said there is no single accommodation for the teachers forcing many to commute from their homes.

Sitna said this has affected the quality of teaching at the school.

She  narrated  that  the situation  at Bukinyale primary school  is worse  during rainy season when roads are  slippery.

Sitna pointed out that some teachers stay in Budadiri while others trek for long distances from up  the mountain to the school.

A teacher who declined to be named said that when ever it rains  some teachers can not walk on the slippery roads to school.

He called upon the district and the community to join hands and construct teachers houses within the school.

Andrew Francis Oluka , the Chief Administrative Officer said that the district lacks money for constructing teachers' houses.

Oluka pointed out that his office has written to the  Government through  the Office of the Prime Minister to give special  intervention.

"As a district  we have forwarded the problem to the office of the Prime Minister," Oluka said.

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