Fishermen to get translated guidelines on the trade to help abide by standards

In bid to address the challenge of language barrier across the water bodies in Uganda , The Commonwealth Standard Network in conjunction with Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and  Ministry of Agriculture  Animal industry and fisheries ( MAAIF) has translated  the guideline documents for the fishing industry  from English to Luganda.

Speaking at the handover of the translated guideline documents at the ministry headquarters in Entebbe, Patricia Bageyinne Ejalut, the UNBS Deputy Executive Director, in charge of standards directorate said that this innovation is for enhancing standards in protecting of public health, safety and quality assurance of smoked Tilapia, Nile Perch and other fish species in the artisanal fisheries sub sector.

Mukasa Tom Bukenya, the acting commissioner fisheries control regulation and quality assurance in the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), lauded the Commonwealth Standards Network for their support towards translating the guideline documents into Luganda language.

The guideline documents have  not only  been translated in Luganda but will  also be translated in other local  languages for  the fisher folk  and other diffiernt stakeholders operating at the varius landing  sites across the different water bodies in Uganda.

Tom further revealed that they have come up with the translated guidelines to streamline with the smoking of fish.

According MAAIF, Uganda  has  28 gazetted landing sites  across Lake Victoria. Fishing communities across other water bodies  including Lake Kyoga , Lake Albert, Lake George and others are to benefit from the translated guideline documents.

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