Gov't: Health insurance scheme will be compulsory

In the wake of cabinet's approval of the National Health Insurance Scheme, the Ministry of Health has revealed that health facilities that will enrol on the program will have special accreditation intended to rule out those with services that do not qualify.

This however will also mean that all Ugandans irrespective of the private insurance schemes that you belong to will be forced to enrol on the scheme.

According to the Commissioner Planning and Financing in the ministry of health Dr Sarah Byakika, for any health facilities that apply to be considered for the scheme must meet strict criteria set by the scheme board.

This is intended to ensure quality health care for all.

In the draft Bill, all Ugandans irrespective of their current insurance status will have to enrol on the scheme, where failure to attracts a penalty including imprisonment.

The scheme as is only admits four children per subscriber, collections will also be pegged on one's annual income therefore incorporating even those unemployed.

Health ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Diana Atwiine argues that the insurance scheme will change behaviour, "It is going to cause us to be cautious of having big families. The scheme only admits four children therefore as young people we want you to bear that in mind, but this can be revised."

The ministry expects to collect about 3 trillion shillings annually from the scheme. The formal sector employees will contribute 4% of their monthly salary and their employers 1%.

Pensioners will contribute 1%, while those in the informal sector will pay an average fee of 100,000/- annually.

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