Bobi Wine mobiliser asked siblings to rehabilitate burial grounds hours before death


Bobi Wine’s South Africa-based agent, Golooba Ssuna Batumidawo tasked his siblings to rehabilitate their ancestral home and burial grounds before perishing in a motor accident just hours later.

This was revealed by the deceased’s sister Veronica Batumidawo, during a vigil at Kamwokya on Friday.

According to Veronica, the deceased was in upbeat mood and he gave her a call days before passing on, asking that she and the rest head to their ancestral home and rehabilitate it.

“He (Golooba) asked that we go to our ancestral home and make some general cleaning there. He said there is no one at home, so we need to rehabilitate the house since no one is there. He kept pestering us. He sent money to make sure the house is well renovated and cleaned,” Veronica told mourners.

She said that over the weekend, the group left Kampala to their ancestral home in Kalisizo where they did the cleaning and rehabilitation like Golooba had commanded.

“We finished the work on Saturday and we called him to say we are through, but he insisted that no one leaves the place unless we have dug around the graves. He even promised to facilitate the work financially to ensure everything was spick and span,” she added.

When all was done, Veronica narrates that they called Golooba again but he did not pick, only to call later and ask that they give him some minutes as he was driving.

Goloba died an hour after the call in a nasty motor accident. He succumbed on way to hospital.

“We called him again and he was not picking, he then picked later but said he was driving, it was about 7:00pm. At about 9:00pm we called him again but phone was off, we received a phone call, moments later that Ssuna had died,” she said.

“I think he wanted to send us to the village, because God was telling him he was coming back there. Something was speaking through him. He wanted us to convene in time so that by the time this tragedy happens, we would be ready. I don’t know what kind of power was speaking through him,” she added.

Singer and people power pressure group founder, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine, labelled the deceased as a warrior who will never be replaced.

“We have lost a warrior; someone we can’t replace. But we have a lesson, everyone can use anything available to them to make a difference. Golooba used the power of social media to speak about the plight or our brothers and sisters.”

Kyagulanyi said that despite not meeting Golooba physically before, he was impressed by his energy and patriotism. He urged the rest to follow Golooba’s example.

Golooba will be buried at Botera, in Bukunda village, Kalisizo. He is survived by two widows and two children; Jjunju Elvis Ssuna, 8, and Alisha Nassuna, 5.

Golooba has also been a contributor and administrator of Ekyooto live, the Facebook page for Ekyooto, an online platform for a section of Ugandans based in South Africa.

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