Kabaka Mutebi calls for closer ties with Bunyoro Kingdom as Omukama Iguru celebrates 25 years on the throne

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has congratulated Bunyoro ahead of their 25th coronation anniversary of the Omukama of Bunyoro.

Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom will tomorrow, Tuesday commemorate the 25th coronation (empango) anniversary of Omukama (king) Solomon Gafabusa Iguru IV. Omukama Gafabusa ascended to the throne on June 11, 1994 following the restoration of kingdoms by the government.

According to a letter that has been accessed by Nile Post, The Kabaka of Buganda of buganda has congratulated the Omukama upon reaching the milestone noting that the relationship between Buganda and Bunyoro dates dates back many centuries and that the bonds they share can never be broken.

The Kabaka said that colonialism tried to break the bond using the divide and rule policy but that was only temporary.

"Your Majesty, we all remember that our illustrious leaders Kabalega and Mwanga II fought the colonialists jointly. We remember with pride the sacrifices they made in their endeavours to retain our independence and the common fate of exile and death outside Bunyoro and Buganda. It behooves us the people of Bunyoro and Buganda to emphasize what unites us and this is the foundation on which we should build a new relationship. Experience has indeed shown that we all tend to fall together," Kabaka said in part. 

Kabaka said that he is much aware of the tremendous challenges that the Omukama and his people of Bunyoro have set themselves to uplift the people's standards of living.

"In this respect it is the people's God given right that the riches which are found in the soils of Bunyoro should go towards the eradication of poverty in the Kingdom of Bunyoro," Kabaka said.

He added, "You Majesty, I and the people of Buganda wish you many happy returns on this day."

 The 25th anniversary celebrations will take place tomorrow at the Karuziika Royal Palace in Hoima district.

The anniversary celebrations are done every year and the Omukama uses this time to take stock of what has been achieved throughout the year and makes projections for the coming year. 

Bunyoro kingdom Prime Minister Apollo Rwamparo while addressing media said that this year the celebrations will be special since the Omukama will be taking stock of his 25-year reign.

President Yoweri Museveni is expected to grace the event as chief guest.

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