Re-arrested Kaweesi murder suspects charged afresh with terrorism

The Nakawa Magistrates Court has today charged two people alleged to have participated in the murder of the police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Kaweesi with aiding and abetting terrorism.

Early this month, Umaru Maganda and Ahmed Ssenfuka who had been released on bail by Nakawa grade one magistrate Noah Ssajjabi were re-arrested by security operatives who were not in uniform before being whisked away to unknown places.

However, their lawyers filed a habeas corpus in which they convinced the High Court to task government or its agencies to produce the two suspects by November 30.

On Tuesday, the two suspects were arraigned before Ssajjabi and charged with being part of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), which has been labelled a terrorist group.

Prosecution alleges that the two together with others still at large between 2006 and April 2017 at various places in Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo belonged or professed to belong to the Allied Democratic Forces, a terrorist organization contrary to the anti-terrorism act 2012.

Last week, three other Kaweesi murder suspects including Ali Mugoya, Hibwangi Sinani and Abdul Kaala were also slapped with similar charges of terrorism.

The re-arrest of the Kaweesi murder suspects after being released on bail caused public uproar especially about the manner in which they were arrested by shabbily dressed security operatives who were brandishing pistols.

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