Beef prices drop in Kabale due to high demand for grasshoppers

The grasshopper season has compelled butchers in Kabale municipality to slash the price of beef to attract customers.

A kilogram of beef in Kabale municipality now costs Shs 5000 from Shs 9000.

A kilogramme of goat meat has remained at Shs 10,000.

Some of the butchers interviewed said that they were compelled to slash the price of beef after realizing that most of their customers have resorted to buying grasshoppers locally known as, "Nsenene".

Several people in Kabale municipality have been spending sleepless nights over the past three weeks harvesting grasshoppers. A cup of grasshoppers in Kabale municipality goes for Shillings 1500.

Alex Arinaitwe, one of the butchers in Kabale central market, said the grasshopper season has taken a huge toll on their business.

Arinaitwe claimed that he had lost almost half of his customers because of the prevalence of the grasshoppers.

He explained that most of his customers have substituted meat with grasshoppers because they are cheap, which has compelled them to slash the price of beef.

Naris Turyatunga, another butcher said that the meat he would sell in one day during normal days, now takes up to three days.

Aidah Kyarisiima, a resident of Bungongi in Northern division in Kabale municipality, said she had put aside her charcoal business to catch grasshoppers, which are on high demand.

Kyarisiima said she is working hard to make sure that the money she reaps from selling grasshoppers helps her clear her bank loan.

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