FDC: Gen Muntu's supporters ponder next move

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The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) faces a possible split as pro-Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu leaders threaten to walk out of the party to form a third force.

Muntu, the incumbent, was defeated by Patrick Amuriat in the race for the FDC presidency on November 24.

While the leaders  are for now staying put awaiting a formal announcement on the way forward from Muntu, some have resolved to withdraw from all FDC activities until an official announcement is made.

One of them, Soroti Woman MP, Angelline Osegge who also chairs the Public Accounts Committe (PAC) said  for now she awaits a formal announcement from general muntu and she will go with whatever he says.

“You heard my candidate say he will make a statement in a few weeks and so we have to wait," Osegge said.

Asked whether she is not scared of losing her job as chairperson of the influential committee, she insisted she came to represent the people of Soroti and that’s her primary role.

“I only hope they will do whatever they decide to do without vengeance and being vindictive because FDC is supposed to show an example to the rest of the country," she said.

Kabweri MP Francis Gonahasa told The Nile Post he could walk out of FDC.

“I think the time has finally come to look at a third force ,because much as we glorify defiance unfortunately its taking us nowhere," Gonahasa said.

He said he quit the NRM and joined the FDC when he was cheated thinking he would find an alternative in FDC only to be disappointed.

he says there is no doubt a third force is on the way

Some senior party officials close to Muntu told the Nile Post that he has reached a conclusion that there are irreconcilable differences in the FDC that do not allow co existence of the different approaches in the party in fighting for change.

A section of the party MPs we spoke however said its time to move on and quit politicking because the election time is over.

But Buhweju MP Francis Mwijukye said the delegates had spoken loud and clear and the party had no option but to realign its strategies to the will of the delegates who voted for the defiance approach.

Obongi MP, Hassan Kaps Fungaroo, said Muntu is a respected leader who should stay in the FDC and make his contribution.

The party appears to be in a tense situation with the incoming president, Amuriat, facing the tough task of bringing the different voices together.

While the Muntu's supporters voiced their concerns , a section of the party stalwarts celebrated the departure of the retired soldier.

Former party  spokesman, Toterebuka Bamwenda returned to the party headquarters after five years in political limbo, saying there had been some irreconcilable differences that had kept him away.

As Amuriat takes oath on Thursday after legal issues were raised about the swearing-in ceremony on Saturday morning, he faces the task of bringing together the different factions in the party.

The confusion in the party comes at a time when the party is planning to re-launch a nation wide campaign to block the move to amend article 102b in the constitution to remove the presidential age limit.

Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, said the party needs to find a balance between defiance and the other approach preferred by a section of members that do not believe in a confrontational approach.


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