Red Pepper directors charged with "disturbing Museveni's peace"

The five directors of Red Pepper Publications arrested last week were today charged in court with "disturbing and defaming the personality of President Museveni."

Appearing before the Buganda Road Chief Magistrates court, the state alleged that through the Red Pepper newspaper, they published a story titled: "Museveni plans to overthrow Kagame", a story that was not true and ridiculed the president.

The state alleges that the said publication disturbed the peace of president Museveni.

According to the state, the group of eight is also accused of offensive communication in one of their publications where Gen.Salim Saleh, Lt.Gen Henry Tumukunde and the president were reported as being behind a plot to overthrow Rwanda president Paul Kagame whereas not true.

All the accused denied the charges.

By the time of writing this, they had started the process of applying for bail.

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