Lokodo: Goverment to investigate Kutesa over bribery allegations

Ethics minister Simon Lokodo has said government will look into the allegations levelled against Sam Kutesa, the Foreign Affairs minister, that he solicited a bribe of $500,000 when he served as president of the United Nations .

Lokodo told The Nile Post that," the principle and law applies equally and that no one is above the law."

He said: "I have no parameters to cast the stone against Kutesa but should eventually investigations reveal that he is guilty then the law will take its course."

Lokodo did not reveal when the inquiry would start but assured that it will be there

According to details of a criminal bribery case being prosecuted in the United States, Kutesa received $500,000 payment to help a Chinese firm obtain business advantages in the energy and banking sectors including potential acquisition of a Ugandan bank.

This allegation is contained in a complaint against the head of a Hong Kong-based NGO Dr Chi Ping Patrick Ho, and the former foreign minister of Senegal Cheikh Gadio.

The duo is accused of bribing high-level officials to help a Chinese oil and gas company to gain business advantages in Africa.


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