Voting ends, FDC delegates catch grasshoppers

As FDC delegates waited for the outcome of the election of the party president, some of them resorted to catching grasshoppers which flooded Namboole stadium.

The floodlights of the 42,000 seater stadium  attracted a swarm of grasshoppers on Friday night, leaving some delegates divided between following proceedings and trapping the delicious insects.

Many of the delegates were seen jumping up and down in the playing area, trying to catch the grasshoppers. Some were seen pacing up and down looking for polythene bags to pack the insects.

For the neutral, it was a sight to behold (see photos).

Meanwhile, in a couple of hours the winner we shall know who the FDC president is. Currently, tallying of results has started putting the contestants on tenterhooks.

Although there are four candidates, the main race is between Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, the incumbent and Patrick Oboi Amuriat, a former MP.

The two gave powerful speeches in which they brought out the contrasting political tendencies  (moderates Vs radicals) that obtain in Uganda's biggest opposition party.


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