Court orders government to produce re-arrested Kaweesi murder suspects in one week

The Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala has ordered government to produce the four people who were re-arrested recently after being granted bail by Nakawa magistrate’s court.

Ugly scenes were witnessed at Spear Motors junction early this month when security operatives in plain clothes forcefully re-arrested Ahmed Ssenfuka, minutes after being released on bail by Nakawa grade one Magistrate Noah Sajjabi.

It would later turn out that three other co-accused including Ibrahim Kisa, Abdul Majid Ojegere and Umaru Maganda had also been re-arrested prompting their relatives through their lawyers to file a habeas corpus tasking government to produce them.

On Tuesday, a representative of the Attorney General, Allan Mukama told court that government does not know the whereabouts of the four people who were re-arrested.

“They are not in custody of the Attorney General and is not in the know that him(Attorney General) or his agents arrested and detained them,”Mukama told court before asking for more time so as to investigate the circumstances around their arrest and places of detention.

However, Justice Musota has Wednesday issued an order tasking government or its agents to produce the four people.

“The application (by lawyers) has sufficient reasons advanced to warrant grant of orders,” Justice Musota said.

“The wit habeas corpus should be returnable to court on 30th November 2017 with bodies of applicants for court to inquire into their conditions.”

The order by court means that government is now left with eight days in which they are to produce the said people to court. The four suspects were part of the seven who had been granted bail by Nakawa grade one magistrate Noah Sajjabi before being re-arrested by security operatives in plain uniform.

The army spokesperson Brig.Richard Karemire later said that they were arrested in a joint operation by various security agencies.


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