Parliament approves Shs 380 bn loan for additional CCTV cameras

Parliament has finally cleared government to borrow $104 million (Shs380 billion)  from Standard Chartered Bank for the second phase of installation of CCTV cameras in Kampala.

The loan that is to be serviced over a period of 12 years, according to the State Minister for Economic Planning David Bahati.

Obiga Kanaia, the State minister for Internal Affairs said the new cameras will now be installed in the remaining parts of Kampala, major towns in the country and along highways.

Bahati and Kania said the second phase of cameras will help in the fight against the increasing crime in the country.

However in the report of the committee on National Economy, Syda Bbumba the chairperson of the committee, said there is need to draft a law that will regulate the operation of these CCTV Cameras.

Members of Parliament were divided on the matter with some supporting the loan request while others opposed arguing there are a lot of questions on the already installed cameras in the city that need to be answered before the approval of the second loan.

In this same meeting, one of the legislators amused parliament when he asked government to beef up security of lawmakers by installing CCTV cameras on their vehicles to track those with ill intentions against them.

Kania said 1756 CCTV cameras have been installed in Kampala so far with 1310 being active and 446 non active.


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