Government asked to invest more in online infrastructure

By Lydia Nabawanda

Players in the online platform are calling upon government to invest in infrastructure mainly internet connectivity to allow the country wide E – commerce.

This was during the launch of mobile campaign that will see people do seamless shopping by a click on their phones.

According to Ron Kawamara CEO Jumia, internet penetration is growing in Uganda even though it is still quite low, with only 20 million people accessing internet in Uganda which needs to be improved, ‘’We need the government to invest in infrastructure for IT because the more the internet is available, the easier it is to use it to create solutions in business’’ Kawamara remarks.

At the moment very few companies are able to use the internet to grow their companies, where there is need for availability of the internet to more people and to more business companies so as to boost their businesses.

Kawamara adds that the project is being extended to different regions of Uganda, ‘’Starting this year, we are investing in Fort Portal, Mbarara and other areas that have not been doing well with Jumia travel hence the expansion to the outside of Kampala.’’

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