Bobi stings Besigye: Don’t stand four times then claim democracy doesn’t work on your 5th


Kyadondo East legislator, Presidential hopeful, People Power pressure group leader and singer Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has rebuked Opposition leader and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party strongman, Dr Kizza Besigye over claims that Museveni can’t be ousted through democracy.

Bobi Wine was speaking during an event in which Democratic Party (DP) was signing a coalition agreement with Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Michael Mabike and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of Abed Bwanika.

In a message that was directly aimed at Dr Besigye, Bobi Wine said that he and the rest believe in people democracy, unlike Besigye who keeps playing excuses whenever he loses.

“For a leader to say a vote can never oust Museveni without offering a solution is disappointing. We believe in democracy and it should not depend on us but on people. What politicians can not solve, the people of Uganda can solve, they should continue to register as voters and be many,” he said.

Bobi Wine said that this has worked in the past, giving examples of his massive win in Kyandondo constituency, Jinja East, Bugiri and Arua Municipality urging that the power of the people will prevail in 2021.

“Don't talk about democracy and stand four times and on the fifth time you say it doesn't work, we believe it works,” he added amidst applaud.

Besigye and elections

Following Museveni’s victory in the 2016 elections, Dr Besigy argued that he had won the election and would not allow Museveni swear into office.

The FDC strongman went ahead to swear himself in as duly elected president at a function heavily attended by the party brass.

Besigye then said that if he and other presidential candidates were not peace-loving citizens, Ugandans would have already taken up arms to overthrow the sitting government. He urged his supporters not to give up saying he is still in touch with the international community and people who wish Uganda well.

Prior to the elections, Besigye had claimed he would not stand for presidency because there was no hope of beating Museveni in an election organised by his government.

Besigye claimed the Museveni is both a player and referee in the same game and thus was completely hard to unseat him through the vote.

Besigye later said he would stand only when certain reforms are introduced. Alas, they were not and he still proceeded with picking nomination forms.

On December 21 2018, Besigye flanked by FDC party President Patrick Amuriat, Democratic Party's Betty Nambooze, FDC chairman Wasswa Birigwa, FDC party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat, former Bukhooli Central MP Wafula Oguttu, Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munywagwa among others claimed he wasn’t going to wait for another rigged 2021 election.

Besigye said Museveni captured power and it's the duty of all Ugandans from the different political parties to also "capture" back the power through actions in 2019.

He said the longer Ugandans wait for 2021 for elections with the hope of transitioning from Museveni's 'dictatorship', the more the the state of affairs continue to nosedive towards an incorrigible state.

He said Museveni will not hand over the country back to the citizens, they must fight for it through actions that he said his 'people's government' will unveil in the due course of 2019. He said the state, had in 2018, exploited the political differences between the opposition but that, is now the past, as from now they are to move as one force with a common goal since they all share similar objectives.

"We have spent two years organising our people and we think now there’s strong competence to regain the control of the country. Apart from the ordinary people being organised, we need better organisation as political leaders. We need to be synchronised, coordinated to achieve what’s needed to be achieved, focused on where the problem lies...There has been some uncoordinated movements sometimes. This year is to make sure this is kept in the past and we move as a purposeful pro democratic force." he said.









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