Museveni, Fenix International discuss expanding energy access

Officials from Fenix International Inc last week told President Museveni at State House Nakasero that they are more than ready to invest in and help grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Uganda.

They engaged the president on renewable energy sector opportunities and measures necessary to expand access and affordability of solar home systems, accessories and appliances.

Fenix International, a next-generation energy company and subsidiary of ENGIE operates in five countries across Africa.

It relocated its global headquarters from San Francisco to Kampala in September of 2018

The officials told the president that Fenix has connected more than 350,000 homes in Uganda to date with affordable, clean energy solutions – translating into 1.5 million citizens that now benefit from clean, renewable access to energy.

According to a statement, Lyndsay Handler, CEO of Fenix, said:“President Museveni’s commitment to improving energy access in Uganda was made clear today, with his promise to strengthen the environment for doing business and to pursue interventions that make Solar Home Systems, accessories, and appliances affordable to millions of Ugandans."

Morrison Rwakakamba, Global Senior Director of Policy at Fenix, said: "We look forward to working with the President, energy ministry and sector agencies to create a set of policies and actions that will allow Uganda to become the worldwide leader in clean, renewable energy for millions off-grid households. This will indeed accelerate transformation.:

President Museveni reaffirmed commitment to Fenix and support to expand energy access, drive sector innovations and deepen financial services.

He asked Fenix to encourage other global and scale companies to set up Global Headquarters in Uganda.

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