Police arrest two Egyptians in Gulu

Police in Gulu district has arrested two Egyptian nationals for alleged over stay in the country and forgery of identity cards.

Ahmed Abdel Razek, 23, and Abdel Rahman Sultan, 27, were arrested in Pawel Padyuk Sub County, Pawel Parish, Pece Division following an intelligence led operation in the area by the Police and sister agencies in the district yesterday.

Police claims that the Egyptians on getting notified of their presence jumped the perimeter wall fence of the house where they were residing and sprinted. However, with the help of residents and neighbouring community, the Egyptians were intercepted and arrested.

“After arrest, we checked and searched their homes and found that they were in possession of expired Egyptian Visa to Uganda since Jan 2019, meaning they are staying illegally in Uganda, and again found them with forged identity cards from an institution of higher learning with in Gulu (Cavendish University Gulu Branch),” police alleged.

The two are being detained at Gulu- CPS on charges of illegal stay in Uganda and forgery of identity cards.





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