Farmers in Kasese advised to embrace mechanized farming


Farmers in Kasese district have been advised to embrace new technology to up productivity.

This appeal was made during the demonstration of the farming machinery in Nyakakindo village, Hima division in Kasese district to teach farmers how to use improved machines to enhance productivity.

The agricultural sector remains the back bone of Uganda’s economy as its main source of livelihood. It employs more than 60% of the population and contributes over 70% of Uganda's export earnings.

Agriculture output in Uganda primarily comes from about 3 million smallholder subsistence farmers who own an average farmland area of 2.5 acres.

Some of these machines exhibited are; the Ripping machine for smoothening and braking up of the soils, the planting machine for planting seedlings and the spraying machine for applying pesticides among others.

Augustine Masereka the agricultural officer in Rugendabara town council said thenew technology will help in mitigating some of the major challenges like insufficient rains.

He called upon all the farmers to embrace the new technology in order to boost production.

The chairperson LCIII Hima town council Musana Katura called upon all farmers to wake up and utilise the resources available in order to fight poverty.


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