SADC to convene extra ordinary summit on Zimbabwe

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A meeting of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ on Politics, Defence and Corporation, that was called in Botswana capital Gaborone, has recommended for an extra ordinary summit on Zimbabwe situation.

“Having considered the unfolding situation in the Republic of Zimbabwe, the Organ Troika recommended the convening of an urgent Extra Ordinary SADC Summit and committed to remain seized with the situation in the Republic of Zimbabwe,” a statement from the SADC Trioka Plus Council reads in part.

“SADC Organ Troika Plus reaffirmed SADC's commitment to African Union (AU) Constitutive Act and the SADCs Democratic Principles, as they relate to the unconstitutional removal of democratically elected Governments,” the statement continues.

The meeting further reaffirmed the need for SADC Member States to remain guided by their Constitutions.

The meeting was attended by Republic of South Africa (Chairperson of Council of Ministers), Republic of Angola (Chairperson of Organ), Republic of Zambia (Incoming Chairperson of Organ) and United Republic of Tanzania (Outgoing Chairperson of Organ).

President Jacob Zuma of SouthAfrica, who also doubles as the SADC chairman yesterday called upon Zimbabwe army to avoid unconstitutional means of changing government, he called for calm and restraint.


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