Rukutana, Bamugemereire in bitter exchange

The Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana and the chairperson of the Land Probe Commission Catherine Bamugemereire yesterday exchanged bitterly after Rukutana protested the tone and manner in which he was being interrogated.

Rukutana became furious when the commission asked him about how government arrived at Shs 24.4billion as compensation for Dr Muhammad Kasasa who is claiming ownership of a 640 acre of land in Mutungo.

"If you want me to respect you, first respect me," Rukutana said. He then added that he would not take any more questions if he is not respected.

If reply, Bamugemereire said: “If you have come here as a deputy attorney general to show this commission that we are a waste of time yet our main objective is soliciting your guidance on how Dr Kasasa was awarded such a compensation. We hoped to get answers but we are turned with a situation of hostility, disrespect."

Evidence before the Probe shows that the 640-acre piece of land is a subject of a claim by Buganda Prince David Kintu Wasajja, Dr. Muhammad Buwuule Kasasa, Kagimu Maurice Kiwanuka, government and the affected residents.

Rukutana was asked to explain to the commission why they did not listen to the advice of the Auditor General when he told government in 2008 not to proceed with the payment because there were wrangles regarding the ownership of the land.

Rukutana became evasive.

"Learned deputy attorney general can you answer the questions as asked to by lead counsel on behalf of the commission to understand," Bamugemereire ordered.

This did not yield positive results forcing Bamugemereire to ask: "Are you going to be respectful to this commission?"

At this point Rukutana jumped in.

"If am respected I will also answer respectively to anybody."

Following this exchange, Bamugemereire expressed her concern about the situation they are facing as the commission while carrying out investigations as far as matters of land are concerned.


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