WHO spearheads tobacco survey in Uganda

The World Health Organization (WHO) in partnership with Centre for Tobacco Control has rolled out a tobacco legislation compliance survey that is aimed at identifying how far Uganda has gone in implementing the legislation since it was passed in to law two years ago.

While flagging off a team of researchers the World Health Organization also launched a smartphone app that the researchers will use to report smoking violations in public areas, selling tobacco for individuals below 18 years among others.

Speaking at the launch of the survey, World Health Dr Yonas Tegegn Woldemariam intimated that while Uganda is among the countries that have passed the Tobacco legislation, Implementation is questioned.

According to the 2013 global adult tobacco survey 7.9% of Ugandan population use tobacco, 5.8% active smokers and 5.5 % of these are in urban areas and 5.5% in rural areas smoke tobacco.

This is what is leading to the death of tens of thousands of the same population

Worrying however is that many of those using tobacco are passive smokers exposed to the toxic contents.

The researchers have however been warned to keep a distance from the tobacco industry as these are known influencers.


To aid the survey World Health Organization has availed a tool to help generate data through an Android friendly app that they will use to collect data. When released this report will be used to aid implementation of the Tobacco Control legislation and will be a tool for the ministry of health.

In Kampala the Kampala Capital City Authority embarked on implementing the legislation which includes, banning the sale of Shisha in bars around the city.

Since then, several bars have faced closure with many arrested for abusing the legislation

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