Former MP, Hussein Kyanjo rushed to India


The former member of parliament for Makindye West, Hussein Kyanjo was yesterday rushed to India for medication after he was diagnosed with cancer of the colon which is at stage four.

In a press statement, Justice Forum, the party to which Kyanjo belongs, said the doctors are doing their best to manage it and also to ascertain whether it’s connected to his current ailment which caused speaking difficulty.

"Hon Kyanjo requested the general public to remain calm while praying for his quick recovery. He’s hopeful that he will be present when the youthful generation he has helped inspire, and which has taken matters in their hands, liberates this country," the statement read in part.

Kyanjo has battled with Dystonia, a rare disease that eats up certain organs and muscles of the body.

For the last six years, he has had to get two toxin injections on the lower part of his jaws to keep the muscles in shape.

Harold Kaija, FDC's deputy secretary general posted on his Facebook wall yesterday that when he spoke to Kyanjo minutes before he was taken to India, he appeared to be in high spirits.

"Don't cry, keep strong. One soldier down should not break the struggle. For that loss does not in any way strengthen the enemy. He will collapse," Kyanjo told Kaija.

I know that many people are hungry for property like land and arcades. They will go with nothing.

He also told him never to sell out to the enemy and to keep fighting.

Kaija told the Nile Post that Kyanjo appeared to be bidding farewell to him.

"I ask God for once, please give us a miracle. GiveKyanjo more life to see the change he worked for," Kaija pleaded.


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