Police arrest illegal traveller from Mombasa after Kenya terror attack

By Hakim Kanyere

Police and Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers have arrested two people at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) checkpoint in Jinja. The two men were arrested at the new Source of the Nile Bridge on Thursday.

Police spokesperson Kiira region Diana Nandaula confirms the arrests. She says the name of the driver of the truck driver has been concealed for security reasons while they question the two men.

The driver was arrested after UPDF soldiers noticed that there was a man clinging on the underbelly of the truck at the checkpoint. When the soldiers ordered him to come out from under the truck, the man attempted to run away. He was tackled by UPDF soldiers after a short run towards the bush where he hoped to make his escape.

The truck driver reportedly denied any knowledge of the man. He claimed he was not aware that the man was hitching a ride on his truck. Nandaula says he has been charged with human trafficking.

The second man in custody claimed he was travelling from Mombasa. Upon further interrogation, he said he was actually from Kisumu. Police declined to reveal his nationality. He said he was on his way to Kampala.

Police say the second man has been charged with illegal entry into the country as security works to ascertain his identity.

Ugandan security has been on high alert since the January 15, 2019 attack on Dusit complex in Nairobi, Kenya.

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