Museveni to the Youth: There is no money in working for government, go to Agriculture

President Museveni has urged the youth to seek fortune from commercial agriculture, Industry and ICT and stop looking at employment from government agencies as a ladder to wealth.

Museveni was speaking during the commissioning of Equator seed’s Factory  at Koro Abili Village, Labwoc parish, Koro Sub-county, Omoro North  Omoro District.

Equator seeds is one of the leading full line seed companies in Uganda that provides quality seeds to smallholder farmers. Seeds that improve food security.

Using Indian born entrepreneur and Kakira Sugar Works proprietor, Muljibhai Madhvani as an example, Museveni said the “poor boy’ from India has never worked in government but is now among the richest in Uganda through Agriculture.

“There is much more money in Agriculture, Factories, services, ICT than working for the government. The youth should be guided that white collar jobs are not as lucrative,” he said.

“There is great potential for agriculture here (Omoro), however to maximise the benefits, I urge you to do commercial farming. Land size should be the basis of what enterprise you engage in. I wouldn’t for instance advise you to plant sugar cane if you have say 5 acres.  Those with small land holdings should practice the four-acre model,” he added.

Using the example of mustard seed, Museveni said the National Resistance Movement is the farmer that has been sowing peace, Infrastructure, and good ideology which has resulted into economic development.

“Now you can see factories are being built in places like Koro, which had never happened before.”

“I congratulate Mr Okello Tony, his partners and staff of Equator Seeds for this development. Government is going to support this initiative by buying seeds from here and also help you access low interest loans from UDB,” he added.


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