I have never been leader or member of Boda boda 2010- Kitatta

In a twist of events, Abdalla Kitatta, the patron for Boda boda 2010 has denounced being a leader or member in the notorious group.

Testifying as his own witness,Kitatta said he is not responsible for any actions of Boda boda 2010 and their deeds.

"I am not a member of boda boda 2010 neither am I a leader of boda boda 2010,"Kitatta told court on Monday to the amazement of everyone.

He said that he should never be asked about operations of the notorious group saying his only position is being the chairman of the National Union of Drivers,Cyclists and Allied Workers.

"For anything regarding boda boda 2010,ask Joel Kibirige,the chairman for boda boda riders in Lubaga division."

When asked on military equipment found in the boda boda 2010 offices at Wakaliga,Kitatta said he is not liable for anything because he holds no position in the group.

His defence continues.

Kitatta is accused together with nine other members of boda boda 2010 of various charges including unlawful possession of fire arms and military stores

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