Festive season: Traffic police to intensify crackdown on motorists

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As the festive season draws near, Dr.Stephen Kasiima, the director of Traffic Police has revealed that they are going to intensify the crackdown on motorists who don’t comply with road safety.

Speaking to journalists in Kampala on Thursday, Kasiima said that many motorists tends to misbehave on the road as we head into the holiday season.

“Accidents tend to increase as the festive season draws near and we have reinstated both the Fika Salama and Tembeya Salaama operations to crack down on motorists,”Dr Kasiima said.

“This time round we shall not let even those committing small offences be given tickets .We shall arrest them so they can sleep in cells for atleast two days before taking them to court.”

The Traffic Police director said that an operation that they mounted at a zebra crossing near Post Office along Kampala road had led to arrest of over 40 motorists in one hour, something, Dr.Kasiima said was an indicator that people don’t respect these crossing areas for pedestrians.

He said: “We were able to arrest boda boda riders, taxi drivers, light vehicle drivers and all sorts of motorists who don’t respect zebra crossings. We shall intensify such operations.”

He ordered traffic police officers to work hand in hand with UTODA and KCCA wardens so as to be able to arrest any traffic offenders even on slightest of mistakes.

Kasiima said that on number of occasions, they tend to relax on traffic operations simply because they don’t have enough manpower but warned the Fika Salaama and Tembeya Salaama operations have been rejuvenated.

“Use all means at your disposal to arrest those boda boda riders who violate road regulations. Make temporary traffic jams so as to arrest them,”Kasiima told his traffic police officers.

Zebra crossings

Kasiima told journalists that many motorists don’t respect zebra crossings but warned that offenders would be arrested and they will pay heavily.

He warned that their aim is reducing traffic accidents to zero.

This comes on the heels of a fatal accident in which a Toyota Premio driven by a UPDF soldier identified as a one Lt.Embogo hit a trailer at Nakkazi weighbridge in Luweero along the Kampala- Gulu highway.

Lt.Embogo died on spot whereas two other UPDF soldiers identified as Capt.Bony Kaliso and Lance Corporal Gerson Tungirwe were admitted in Bombo military hospital  with serious injuries.


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