Sam Mugumya: Lawyers seek government intervention

Human rights lawyers have called upon government come to the rescue of Sam Mugumya, a former aide to Dr Kizza Besigye who remains incarcerated in Ndolo prison in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mugumya was arrested in October 2014 in DRC on allegations of involvement in subversive activities.

However, he has never been produced in court.

The human rights defenders say government should ensure that he is tried fairly as required under

the consular service provisions and patriotism.

This comes after Mugumya wrote to the Congolese government in frustration requesting to be killed.

In the letter, Mugumya expressed frustration with his continued detention asking that if he can’t be tried, then he should be killed.

However the Ugandan government maintains they have no role to play in his trial.

Human rights lawyers say government has acted unfairly by not protecting its own in foreign land by ensuring that he is given fair trial as a non-derogatory.

Ladilaus Rwakafuuzi, a human rights lawyer, said government should exercise the consular services and reach out to Mugumya through the various foreign affairs institutions to reduce on his frustration.

FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said the abandonment of Mugumya was largely because he was a renowned opposition member.

The state of instability in DR Congo has also been blamed for the delay in starting Muguyma’s trial.

However, Rwakafuuzi notes that beyond such, the foreign affairs ministry has powers through its embassy to save its own if it’s willing.

According to Rwakafuuzi, Mugumya’s well wishers can petition the Pan African Lawyers Union who are head quartered in Arusha for help outside the state.

The union brings together the continent’s five regional lawyers’ associations, over 54 national lawyers’ associations and over 500 lawyers who work towards a just and prosperous Africa.


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